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Bagpiper for hire


We are Wedding Officiants in the State of Florida. We provide traditional marriage ceremonies as well as custom Celtic ceremonies and Handfastings and other themed weddings.  With a variety of components to choose from, you are sure to get the wedding of your dreams. Small weddings are no problem!

We also offer the option of hiring a Bagpiper for your ceremony!

Tha Gaidhlig Againn!

**** We provide Wedding Officiant services and bagpipers only. We do not provide decorating, catering, or any other services related to weddings.

Why Us?

We believe in the importance of heritage in everyday life.  The customs and traditions of our ancestors are every bit as important today as they were in days gone by.

We are wedding officiants and Celts.  We are Seanachaidhs (keepers of Highland customs) and musicians.  We live the Celtic way of life every day.  We don't just practice what we preach, we immerse ourselves in it!  We are Gaelic students, bagpipers, and history buffs.

We are ordained non-denominational ministers. That means we can customize your ceremony any way you like it, but you can still be confident in the knowledge that it is a blessed union you will be entering into!